1. If the problem is that you do not receive any data:

  • Make sure that your project/campaign is live. Check your report period. As default the reporting period is set to the latest date the tracking pixels have tracked impressions and looking back 12 weeks. This means that if you haven't defined your reporting period, the data might change over time as the reporting period moves forward.
  • Make sure that your tracking pixels and cache-buster are implemented correctly in your system.
  • Remember that there is a delay on the incoming data. Therefore, the system needs to update overnight, when your project is created and it is to import data for the first time.
  • If you are in doubt as to whether your implementation is correct, please do as follows: Use the Fiddler system to check if your pixels are firing.

2. If you detect that your data in AudienceReport differs from the data in your other systems.

Normally the discrepancy between the systems is very little, but if there is a problem, one or more of the following could be the reason(s):

  • Did you implement a cahce buster on your tracking point? 
    You can check if you have implemented a cache buster on your tracking point in AudienceReport under “Delivery”. Learn more here.
  • There could be an implementation error, that the pixel is only implemented as a click-tracker and not an impression-tracker (or the other way around). If the numbers for ‘click’ seems too high, check the implementation in the ad server. Hence, please check if the tracking pixels implemented in your ad server, and the tracking pixels in AudienceReport are aligned.
  • Make sure that the tracking pixels have been implemented correctly in the creative, and if the tracking has been implemented at all. Further, it is important to identify if the tracking pixel has been implemented in the creative during the whole camping.
    If the tracking pixel is not implemented correctly or has only been implemented in some of the campaign period, a discrepancy might occur, since we are not able to track the campaign in AudienceReport if the tracking pixel is not implemented.

 3. If you stop receiving data:

  • Something can be changed in the creative. If this is the case, the pixel needs to be reactivated.
  • Some kind of mistake has stopped the campaign or deactivated the pixel. Check your ad server.



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