Integrate AudienceReport and AdvantEdge Cross Media

With the AudienceProject and AdvantEdge Cross Media integration, you are able to see your AudienceReport data in AdvantEdge Cross Media.

How to integrate the systems?

Sending your AudienceReport data to AdvantEdge Cross Media is easy. First, log-in to your AudienceReport account and go to the campaign overview site.

Find the project you want to export to TechEdge. Before exporting it, make sure that your target group is how you want it. Now click the “action” button to the right.

We recommend that you send over your projects asap, or even when creating the project so this is ready when you want to see data at a later point.

If you at a later point add tracking pixels to your campaign then you will need to resend the new version of the campaign from AudienceReport to TechEdge.

Select “Send to TechEdge”

The box below will show

Press send in the right corner of the box.

Your AudienceReport data, will now be send to AdvantEdge Cross Media.

Note that there might go around 24 hours before you are able to see the data.




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