Implementing click trackers

Some Adserver-systems need a redirect and a landing page in order to make a click tracking work. 


Implementing click trackers in ad servers, other than Sizmek and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

In most other ad servers, it is simply possible to select to use your pixel as a click tracker. Just find the place to implement click trackers and put in your pixel from AudienceReport.

Click trackers in Sizmek and DFP

If you are using Sizmek or DFP as your ad server, you need to build your own click tracker and provide it to them. Here is a quick guide in how to create a click tracker for Sizmek and DFP.

First, here is an example of how a Sizmek and DFP clicktracker looks like:[t-code];[Landing_page]

The part that you have to replace is the t-code. It is important that you leave the landing page section open, since you add your landing page in another place in Sizmek and DFP. 

The Landing page is simply the site where you want users to end after clicking at your ad. An example could be 

Second, you need to type in the t-code of your tracking pixel. The t-code is found in the end of the tracking pixel created in AudienceReport. The Tracking pixel will look like this:">

The t-code will be the part after, “t=”. Hence, in this case the t-code will be xxx123456.

To learn more about t-codes click here.

By using the above information, it is now possible to build the click tracker for Sizmek or DFP. In this example the click tracker will look like this:;

This click tracker is to be send to Sizmek, DFP or implemented directly to the system.

Below is an example of both impression and click tracking added directly to Sizmek.


If you have questions in regards to creating click trackers, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at



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