Ad blocking

The number of active installs of ad blocking has increased rapidly the last few years. Today, 13% of the Nordic online population use ad blocking, of which many are between the age of 15 and 25. 

Below are some key numbers on the subject from our study on adblocking:

  • 49 % are negative towards website ads
  • 74 % are negative towards video ads
  • 36 % say they use an ad blocker (15-25 years: 54 %)
  • 30 % say they use an ad blocker on desktop
  • 9 % say they use an ad blocker on tablet
  • 8 % say they use an ad blocker on mobile
  • 13 % actually use an ad blocker
  • 40 % use an ad blocker to avoid irrelevant ads
  • 26 % will get a better experience if they are exposed to relevant messages in ads (15-25 years: 41 %)

In this study, we have mapped out, not only the use of ad blockers by looking at the numbers of downloads and installs, or by answers in surveys, but we have actually measured the degree of ad blocking capabilities within the browser of users claiming to use adblockers when we survey them.

While 36% claimed to use an adblocker - it was only about 13% of a all measured devices that actually deployed ad blocking technologies. One of the key findings were that the claimed usage of ad blockers very rarely meant 100% ad blocking coverage across all devices owned by the person, or 100% effectivity of the used ad blocker. 

Read more on ad blocking in the Nordics here.

Will ad blocking affect the output of my AudienceReport?

No, ad blocking will not affect the output of your AudienceReport.

Our panel includes a sample of the online population, including those who use ad blocker on some, or all of their devices. This is because although a person claims to have ad blocking technology installed, it will not automatically qualify as reason for removing said person from the online universe, as they might still be exposed through other devices or as a result of an ad blocker that is not 100% effective. 

As pixels are implemented in the creatives, they will only be triggered if the creatives are shown. This means that if creatives are blocked by an ad blocker, the pixel won't be triggered either. 

With this approach, AudienceReport will measure the exposed target-audience correctly.




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