DFP implementation for publishers

This is relevant if you want to add a tracking pixel to to a third-party creative. 

Impression tracking

Just insert the pixel code in the "Code snippet" box just like below: 

<img src="TRACKING-PIXEL-URL-GOES-HERE" width="0" height="0">
<!-- Template ID = 4439 Template Name = Image Banner - Open in New Window-->
<a href="%c%u" target="_blank">
<img width="728" height="90" border="0" src="%h/2315223/728x90Image.JPG">

Make sure that there is a hard return between the pixel code and the rest of the creative code, meaning that a symbol is inserted instead of "Enter" or "Return". This is usually done automatically. 

For more information on the implementation of impression tracking pixels, please click the following link:


Click tracking

If you want to track clicks through DFP, please follow the below guide: 




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