Sample size

Online population

We are often asked where our numbers on population are taken from. Numbers about the online population and target groups are taken from the statistics authorities in the specific countries:

  • Denmark: Danmarks statistik,
  • Finland: Tilastokeskus,
  • Sweden: Statistiska Centralbyrån,
  • Norway: Statistisk sentralbyrå,

Sample size

The sample size in AudienceReport is shown in the “Overview” tab. The overall sample size is shown under sample size:

The tracking point-specific sample size is given further down in the same tab, under “Event details”. Simply hold the mouse over the “n”, next to the tracking point name, and the sample size will show.

A red “n” means that the sample size is 0, a yellow “n” means that the sample size is below 100 and a blue "n" means that the sample size is above 100. Generally, we say that a sample size above n=30 per trackingpoint is acceptable.




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