Adform integration setup

The activation of the Adform integration with your AudienceReport Account is fast and easy.

Start by logging into the AudienceReport account you will want to connect. 

Press your name/initials in the top right corner and click "Account settings". Now click the tab called "Integrations". Alternatively, you may click this link which takes you directly through integrations.

In this case, please be aware that you are logged into the correct AudienceReport account.

Click activate in the section for Adform, and follow the instructions. 

NB!: Make sure the user you are using to create the integration in Adform has the following access to Adform:

- advertisers
- campaigns
- medias
- line-items
- tags
- agencies
- external api ( allow us use Adform api )

You can check this by looking at the permission in the user management settings in Adform.



Select the clients you want to automate the setup for. You can activate for all clients or on a client-specific level.

 Then you will need to define the default country where your campaign normally will be executed.

Choose whether you will activate the Quality module on the campaign trackings. This will require your Quality module is active on your AudienceReport account.

Complete the integration by saving. Your future campaigns will now start to appear as reports in your AudienceReport account.

Your activation will not affect active or historic campaigns. Please note that it is important deactivate the any old Adform/AudienceReport integration you might have active in Adform. 

If you have questions or need help in regards to anything please feel free to reach out to us 







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