Integrate AudienceReport and Techedge AxM (AdvantEdge Cross Media)

With the AudienceReport and AdvantEdge Cross Media integration, you will be able to see your AudienceReport data in AdvantEdge Cross Media.

With the latest version of the integration, you will be able to send your AudienceReport campaigns data to AdvantEdge multiple times and with different report periods. Also, you will be able to check the status of the syncing of data between AudienceReport and TechEdge.

How to integrate the systems?

Sending your AudienceReport data to AdvantEdge Cross Media is easy.

First, you log into your AudienceReport account and go to the campaign overview dashboard. Then you find the campaign you want to send to TechEdge and make sure that your target group is how you want it to be. Now click on the “Send to TechEdge” button.



From here, you will be able to create snapshots of your campaign in TechEdge AxM. This means you will be able to send your campaign over to TechEdge multiple times.

How to create a snapshot and send it over to TechEdge

Click on the green “+” button to create your first snapshot.

You will be asked to fill in your Web TV campaign name, your advertiser name, the brand and the audiences you may have purchased for this campaign. From a dropdown menu, you will be able to select specific tracking points you may want to send to Techedge and also a specific event type.

Then, you will need to set a report period. Please notice that you have the option to use the same report period as the original campaign or to override it. Also, notice that campaigns without a set report period (which do not have a start and end date set) are not allowed in TechEdge. So, even if a campaign has no report period, you will need to set a start and end date here before sending it to TechEdge. When you are done, click on “create” and your snapshot will be sent to TechEdge.


Where can I see an overview of all snapshots I created and sent to TechEdge?

In order to get an overview of all the snapshots you have sent to TechEdge, you will need to select the campaign you shared and click on "Edit campaign"



You will then need to click on the "TechEdge" section.


In the TechEdge section, you will access an overview with all the snapshots of the campaign you shared with TechEdge and their syncing status.





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