How to send your campaign to Danish Market Standard (DMS)

Sending your campaign to Danish Market Standard is an easy and straightforward process.

In your AudienceReport dashboard, find the campaign you want to share, click on "Actions" and select "Edit campaign". Then click on the "DMS" section.


Once in the DMS tab, click on the on/off slider "Send to DMS".

Then enter your WebTV Campaign name, the data period for the campaign, the advertiser name and your email. 

Then you will need to pair each broadcaster with the corresponding tracking pixel. For each TV broadcaster, you will be able to choose the right pixel from the dropdown menu. Please notice that if the pixel name already contains the TV broadcaster, then it will automatically pair pixels in this section.

Finally, please choose the TV spot length, in case you have different lengths, choose the shortest version here. Click on "Save" and you'll send the campaign to Danish Market Standard.


One final notice: if you wish to see data in AudienceReport, remember that you need to add the 50% video complete event to your tracking pixels.



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